Learn from the Industry Leaders in Health & Safety

As a student enrolled in the Massy Properties Safety Academy there are many ways to learn the skills needed to work safely and lead others to do the same


Creating a healthier, safer, happier workforce

Over the years Massy Properties has worked with hundreds of contractors. Having realized the great need for safety training, the Massy Properties Safety Academy was launched.

Optimise your productivity

Safety breeds efficiency and efficiency breeds productivity. We teach you how to look at your processes with fresh eyes. We look at the what, when, when, how and why. Organically this identifies opportunities for improvement and results in the optimization of time and resources.

Customize your course

We create courses specically catered to your unique needs

Custom Designed

Design a course  & select topics based on your company’s needs


In-person delivery at our location or yours


Virtual classes; live or pre-recorded

Massy Properties
Safety Course Offerings

Our courses have been developed by experts and are filled with the practical information

Intro to Health & Safety Management & Risk Assessments
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Manual Handling
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Accident Investigation
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Safety Committee
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